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Fraîche by Gabrielle



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Balancing Herbal Prebiotic Cleanse

Size: 96 ml

A purifying, earthen, clay-based cleanser and treatment masque.

Garden’s delicate, yet powerful formula is crafted with herbs, fruits, and florals grown and harvested responsibly in their native region of Southeast Asia. In contrast to traditional soap and surfactants which prove to disrupt and weaken the stability and integrity of the skin barrier, Garden is crafted with the intention of restoring the skin tissue to a state of equilibrium by providing a dense source of reparative nutrients including vitamins B and C, amino acids, zinc, copper, magnesium, silica, selenium, and calcium. Each ingredient plays a dual role as both a cleanser and healers

When activated, the powder cleanse attracts and absorbs bacteria, debris and excess oil build-up while simultaneously providing relief to the skin tissue, reducing inflammation and restoring proper moisture balance. Garden has the ability to provide a deep pore cleanse while preserving essential moisture balance within the skin tissue. This treatment cleanse is especially formulated for those with sensitive and, or acne-prone skin. The formula caters to balancing both oily and severely dry skin conditions.

Information about the brand

Fraîche is the French translation of the English word “fresh” meaning: not altered by processing, unrefined, having its original qualities, pure. Fraîche was created for the individual that wants better for themselves, for the sensitive, for the minimalist, for the individual that values personal care and slow living, and for the environmentally-conscious.

How to use

Pour a dollop of powder cleanse and mix it with water. Adjust the ratio according to the texture you prefer. Suitable as a daily cleanse or cleanse masque

Beauty Standards

Cruelty Free, Sustainably Made

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