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Our conscious selection is curated for the modern woman in mind. Explore our selection for your customised beauty space. Clean and conscious choices to refresh your day and month for new challenges.

Your Top Shelf encourages mindful purchases and our selection reflects this very mindset. Our priority is you and how each addition will enhance and support your current routine. Everyone has a routine if you are thinking otherwise, slow down your foot steps and ponder - you will come to realise a routine that signifies a moment of every day.

Farewell Collection

Our brand curation and highlight of the year, Winona Irene, has received so much of love and interest and we are grateful for it.

To bring a fellow small business into our midst is an honour and inspiration which we hope to continue.

It is time to refresh our curation to bring forth new experiences.

Last chance.


Our Brands

Bare Hands

Bare Hands

It took 2 years in the makings to present The Dry Gloss... 

  • Turtle Story: Spring Romance

    Our first seasonal made-to-order collection with Turtle Story

  • Your Routine

    How would you make it yours?

  • Natural Nails

    Visit our latest brand addition: 

    Bare Hands

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