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Violette Fr

Yeux Paint

Yeux Paint

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From the dreamy phrase, 'va va voom', along with the instantly recognised French accent very much from Violette herself. Violette_Fr, a vegan beauty brand, offers a multitude of beauty products for the independent woman. The woman who loves herself, puts the effort because that's how it will be effortless because it's your normal routine.

Designed to function as an eyeliner and eyeshadow. Rich, highly pigmented color that seamlessly blends onto eyelids. Like Violette's response to makeup, it should be quick and easy. To enhance, not change. 

Yeux Paint comes in 2 different finishes; Matte and Twinkling (like said, wink)


1. Tendre Corail - coral


1. Rose d’aurore - pink/purple

2. Cuivre de l’aube - copper

Information about the brand

How to use

Glide the flat side of the applicator along the top lash line and quickly blend the pigment into the crease using fingertips or a brush. Create a shape or a precise liner look by using the tip to draw. Either way, it’s quick and easy!

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