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Bare Hands

The Natural Pedicure

The Natural Pedicure

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My suggestion to simple foot care

The foot file and Verbena balm work in tandem to physically exfoliate and lock in moisture. The unique glass surface smooths with a precise abrasion, eliminating the need for harsh grating or odorous acid peels. The lightly scented stick glides across the skin and melts into an ultra rich oil that doubles as an all-purpose soother for hands, lips, elbows and more. Its paper push-up tube is a new, less messy way to moisturize at home or for a travel bag.

1. The Foot File

2. Verbena Balm - an occlusive-forward formula to retain and lock moisture to protect

Information about the brand

It took 2 years in the makings to present The Dry Gloss Manicure Kit, a method to ascertain our nails in its natural state. The IDEA to strengthen, nourish and present a good foundation and healthy nails. The best thing is you can care for yourself in the comforts of your own home.

How to use

On dry or wet feet, scrub with the rough side of the file as needed. Use it dry for a quick 10-minute clean-up, or after a foot soak for an extra deep treatment. After filing, apply the balm. Cover with socks to hold in additional moisture. Clean the file with soap and water. (Please note the foot file does not polish the nail).

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