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Saie Beauty

Super Glowy Gel

Super Glowy Gel

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Saie Beauty works to create textures that contain more lightweight, non-comedogenic oils. (A “comedone” is a pore blockage, so non-comedogenic ingredients are those that do not generate pore blockages — they won’t block your pores.)

Glowy Super Gel is the glowiest, lightest weight luminizer. It’s a lightweight and multi-use, with just the right amount of cool-girl glow, and sans glitter or sparkle. Made out of water and papaya seed oil, the Glowy Super Gel provides a ton of hydration with a healthy glow. This gel glows, so you glow.

The universal shade shows off your skin, just extra. You can wear it alone for an unfussy glow. Or under foundation or tinted SPF as a primer. OR over any look for a super glowy finish. Feels like nothing. Looks like everything.

Comes in a glass bottle and a pump for easy use.

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