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Kohl Kreatives

Quickie Stickies - Extra Fun!

Quickie Stickies - Extra Fun!

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Quickie Stickies are eyeshadow stencils with gentle adhesive backs, designed for reusability.

Quickie Stickies - Extra Fun! Challenge yourself.

What's inside:

Sheet 1 as identified by

12 x Funky Florals

Sheet 2 as identified by

12 x Fluffy Clouds

Sheet 3 as identified by

4 x Flick and Inner Corner Combo

Sheet 4 as identified by

4 x Cloudy Day Combo

Sheet 5 as identified by

4 x Double Graphic Liner Pairs

Sheet 6 as identified by

2 x Upper and Lower Butterfly Wings

Each stickie is usable in cream, powder, liquids and more, and reusable up to 3 times. Each sheet is identifiable via an embossed sticker shape on the back corner.

Information about the brand

Driven by one woman, Kohl Kreatives is set out to create innovative and top functioning makeup tools for the community

How to use

Peel them off the backing paper and stick onto your lid/face. Once in position apply some eyeshadow over it and you've created the perfect look.

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