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Ultra Violette

Lean Screen Mattifying SPF 50

Lean Screen Mattifying SPF 50

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Morning skincare, done. Lets get to the fun, but before that, sunscreen! Be gone, white streaks or one that weirds out your base and moves your foundation around. Ultra Violette's skinscreen range is designed to provide adequate sun protection with a base for makeup. 

Lean Screen is a zinc-only mineral SPF50+ that doesn’t look or feel gross on the skin. With SPF50+, fragrance-free formula, no feeling of sticky, yucky or heavy, but will soothe sensitive types and leave a subtle matte finish – perfect for anyone with oily or reactive skin, or those that just prefer a physical sunscreen. Comes in a tinted cream and rubs into a colourless moisturiser.

Suitable for both sexes, leaves a matte finish. 

Size: Regular - 75 ml


Information about the brand

Ultra Violette, a up-and-rising sunscreen Australian beauty brand, designs and creates sunscreen as a companion to all skincare and beauty products. Sunscreen is so so so important to protect your skin from UV Rays (a big instigator to premature aging).

How to use

Apply as the final step in your skincare routine, right after your moisturiser and before your makeup. Recommend at least five pumps to cover your face and ears.

Beauty Standards

Cruelty-Free. and Vegan.

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