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Disco Eye

Disco Eye

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At launch, Disco Eye was the one shade released as a single eyeshadow. Suitable as a single wash of glimmer or as a topper for any look. It was so popular and Summer Disco, an added colour symbolising California desert, fell from the heavens. Well, we've got to say, it's like icing with a cherry on top.

1. Disco - a universal shade that was made to offer the most unique and head-turning sparkle, suitable for a minimalistic eye look or a topper to shimmer your way

2. Summer Disco - inspired by our favorite California desert, Joshua Tree. A shade of burnt sienna, suitable for any time of the day and complements any look (yes!)


Information about the brand

ROEN, a luxury makeup brand, founded by Nikki DeRoest & David Roemer, both leading individuals in the fashion industry. Furthermore, Nikki DeRoest is sought after for creating effortless glamour looks for celebrities on and off the red carpet such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Emma Roberts.

The goal is to curate a concise and well-kept collection that delivers performance and easy to use without compromising on ingredients. Like, so much work was put in to formulate a unique blend using clean ingredients like pearl to deliver high shine and colour pay off. As you may know, physical glitter components are non-biodegradable and not harmful to animals so through creating a new blend of eye shadows, it offers consumers a good alternative of clean beauty.

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Beauty Standards

Cruelty-Free. Vegan. Gluten-Free.

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