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Fraîche by Gabrielle



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Vitamins B & E Moisture Infusion Serum

Size: 96 ml

Pracaxi is a lightweight hair serum crafted with the intention of infusing moisture into the hair utilizing plant oils that are rich in vitamins B and E, along with amino acids, zinc, and copper. These particular vitamins, minerals and biochemical elements support the deliverance of oxygen to the hair follicles, increasing blood circulation, and stimulating the development of new growth while nourishing the scalp and dissolving build-up to maintain a healthy scalp environment.

Pracaxi is particularly formulated solely with plant oils that boast the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and reach the cortex of the hair or the core of the follicle, thereby infusing moisture deep into the hair unlike most oils which simply coat and sit on the surface. This penetrating activity delivers nutrients that are able to fortify the hair by restoring and reconstructing the hair shaft, thereby preventing breakage, shedding, and split ends. The elements of this serum have been scientifically proven to significantly reduce combing friction while promoting ease of detangling. Pracaxi also boasts phenomenal shine externally due to its ability to thoroughly penetrate and nurture the hair shaft.

Information about the brand

Fraîche is the French translation of the English word “fresh” meaning: not altered by processing, unrefined, having its original qualities, pure. Fraîche was created for the individual that wants better for themselves, for the sensitive, for the minimalist, for the individual that values personal care and slow living, and for the environmentally-conscious.

How to use

Apply drops to scalp and massage the remnants to your ends to keep your hair supple

Beauty Standards

Cruelty Free, Sustainably Made.

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