Guest Curator:

As part of our newly launched Lifestyle segment, we want to explore our habits using a familiar space - a place called Home. It is where we spend most of our time over the past two years. As of the modern day, it is extremely rare for us to not pack a luggage or plan a trip, yet we are confined to this most familiar space permanently until the usual escapades are possible.

To this end, we have invited Corinne from, one half of the tastemakers behind the modern, Mediterranean-inspired living space to guest on our platform. Canberra Home interacts fully with colours in its interior with a reverence for Mother Nature. Corinne’s compelling use of colours and the mix of high-end and affordable furniture have created a cosy yet functional homescape, scaled to the owners' lifestyle.

We took the opportunity to visit her space to learn more about her and her lifestyle. Like her stylish abode, her wardrobe is a mix of high-street and handmade pieces that have withstood the challenge of trends and phases (we've got them too). Least to say, we are further intrigued to find similarities between her home inspiration and our Karoline Van Loon “Les Couleurs de la Terre” / “Colours of the Earth” vegan nail polish collection.

At Your Top Shelf, we hope to put together a timeless, trendless curation. It felt fitting to explore what we surround ourselves with, that which allows us to let our guard down and relax in the very place we call Home. Our conscious naturally leans towards a few colours and by inviting Corinne, we'll find out about hers.

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Her Take

Her cosy abode is inspired by earthy tones and nature elements. Life surrounds every corner of her home and gives off a timeless and refreshing theme. In retrospective, Corinne has curated a selection of lifestyle bits from our curation which also includes our latest launch of handcrafted hair jaws by Turtle Story, a small artisan studio based in Poland.